What’s in a Name?

This is a new part of our adventure as the PF Pagans with Disabilities Team.  We needed somewhere to pass on our news and information that was open to everyone.  We also have the Disabled Pagans Voices Project that needed a home and so, with a dash of humour, we set off round the bend.

So, why call ourselves ‘Just Round the Bend’?  Well, things that are just round the bend are hidden or invisible to us.  We have to reach out to find out what is there.  However, some people have trouble being able to walk round that bend so it reminds us that we need to think about how we get round that bend.  The hidden is also a reference to hidden or invisible disabilities.

We are also Pagans.  And as such we are usually followers of a nature based path.  Nature is rarely made up of straight lines and it likes to throw a curve ball at us just when we are least expecting – just like disabilities do.

Finally, we are a fun loving team.  We like to joke and play around too.  And, frankly, I think more than one is us is a little round the bend too.

And that’s why, we are all heading round the bend together. 😉


I'm a woman of many interests and talents. I try to meet life with a sense of fun. I love to create, even when all Im doing is creating a bit of chaos. I love my family, my crafts and my life. I work to maintain a balance in life but I'm human and don't always get it right. I'm a Mummy, a Wife, a crafter, a reader and a writer. I am disabled and have special dietary needs. These things are all part of me but they are not all of me. I take life with a pinch of salt and a bite of chocolate. :)


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